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Article: Ingredient Crush: Pomegranate Sterols & How They Help Your Skin

Ingredient Crush: Pomegranate Sterols & How They Help Your Skin
Ingredient Crush

Ingredient Crush: Pomegranate Sterols & How They Help Your Skin

Pomegranate sterols are a must-have if you're looking to protect your skin from moisture loss and barrier damage. The evidence-based active ingredients does countless wonders for your skin health - from protecting the outer layer of your skin, to boosting cell regenerations plus more. 

If you've been wondering why we're always shouting about pomegranate sterols, and why they're in some of our most-loved products (like the Night Lip Serum, Lip Colour Serum, Sea Ceramide Toning Mist and more) then you've come to the right place. In this article, we're diving into one of the biggest crushes we have on an ingredient; pomegranate sterols. We'll talk about what it is, what it does for your skin, and what products you can find them in to keep your skin at optimal health.

What Are Pomegranate Sterols?

Organic Pomegranate Sterols are an evidence-based active ingredient that helps protect the outer layer of your skin, boost cell regeneration by increasing circulation and also protects from free radical damage and environmental stressors. All of these factors make this ingredient not just an essential in your skincare routine, but an absolute powerhouse. 

On that note, pomegranate sterols repair and heal much more than your may think. Rich in antioxidants the ingredient protects the skin's surface while working to repair skin damaged by UV Rays and protecting from sun exposure. This protection from sun exposure also helps avoid and lessen hyperpigmentation. On top of this, pomegranate sterols also has a small molecule structure that deeply penetrates into the skin so the nutrients don't just stay at the surface, this makes it highly effective in treating dry and irritated skin.

Similar to cholesterol, plant sterols help reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) which is the loss of water passing from inside your body through the epidermis (the top layer of your skin). How does it do this? By retaining moisture and hydration. When our skin is exposed to adverse weather, temperature and seasonal changes or overexposure to the sun, our skin’s protective barrier is compromised and can break down, so it's desperate for that reduction in water loss and needs protection.

When it comes to your lips, the moisture content and barrier function are much lower than the rest of your skin, making our skin more susceptible to damage such as dryness, chapping and more. This is because our lips don’t have sebaceous glands or hair follicles to protect and assist them.

This phytosterol (pomegranate sterol) aids in barrier protection from free radical damage and can act as an anti-inflammatory agent thanks to the antioxidants found within. The skin-transforming ingredient can be used in not just skincare, but as a natural replacement for synthetic materials in makeup formulas too! That's why you can find it in our Lip Colour Serums.

Your Daily Pomegranate Sterol Routine

Night Lip Serum

Our famous Night Lip Serum is packed with pomegranate sterols and other powerful ingredients like ceramides and vegetable collagen. 

This nightly lip treatment (which can be used throughout the day too!) works to moisturize, condition and completely transform the lips. The ceramide-rich treatment completely wraps lips with a smooth hydration, leaving lips feeling incredibly soft and full the next morning and throughout the day. 

The formula helps improve overall lip structure and density for increased volume while reducing the appearance of fine lines and keeping lips free from dryness.


Lip Colour Serum

Trusted by over 10,000 people every day, the Lip Colour Serum is a makeup and skincare treatment gamechanger. It doesn't simply give you a beautiful shade on your lips, the formula effectively hydrates, repairs and restructures your lips so that they're plump and healthy all day long. 

Using not just pomegranate sterols, but also vegetable collagen, the powerful formula penetrates deep into your lip and holds double its weight in water. That's why, when used, hydration increases immediately and improves the moisture barrier function to enhance overall lip fullness and health.

Sea Ceramide Toning Mist

Densely rehydrating, herbal-infused and always nourishing; this toner will quickly become your new essential in your skincare routine. The formula holds sea nutrient botanicals and minerals that help calm irritation and any inflammation in the skin. The Sea Ceramide Toning Mist's powerful combination of time-releasing ceramides and pomegranate sterols work together to replenish your skin's moisture barrier and retain hydration within your skin. Overall, this toning spray has deeply restorative botanicals that help skin look clear, calm and quenched every day.

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