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Ultimate Cleanse & Tone Kit

Cleanse away the day with the Ultimate Cleanse & Tone Kit. This kit has our customer favorite Makeup Cleansing Oil and Vita Active Cleanse for a double cleanse to ensure that your skin is getting the deepest cleanse possible. MAKEUP CLEANSING OIL gently breaks down and removes makeup, dirt, and impurities. The VITA ACTIVE CLEANSER removes impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture and finishes off your double cleanse. We’ve also included a FACIAL EXFOLIATING SCRUBBY POD to exfoliate the skin and get deep in the pores without irritating the skin. Finish off with the SEA TONING MIST to hydrate the skin or even prep the skin for your next skincare product. ($159 Value)

The Ultimate Cleanse & Tone ritual will not only cleanse your skin but elevate your skincare performance.


-Vita Active Cleanser - Full Size (120ml)
-Makeup Cleansing Oil - Travel Size (30ml)
-Sea Toning Mist - Full Size (120ml)
-Facial Exfoliating Scrubby Pod
-Pink Nude Large Vegan Lux Travel Bag