Calm Travel Trio

Be good to your skin all year round with the Calm Travel Trio. This kit works to hydrate and replenish your skin for that radiant look. It works to help the skin rebuild its natural moisture barrier.

The CALM CLEANSING MILK gently removes makeup and impurities without stripping essential moisture or irritating sensitive skin types. CLOUD CERAMIDE BALM delivers an extra boost of nutrient-rich moisture where skin needs it most. Its Organic Plant Ceramides reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. They reduce water loss by capturing water that is necessary for skin to remain hydrated, rejuvenated, supple and smooth. The SEA TONING MIST has Seaweed Extracts that calms irritated skin and balances skin's natural pH. It can be used to set makeup or even for an extra refresh throughout the day.

Moisture is locked deeply in the skin providing all-day comfort, suppleness, and glow. This kit with help maximize hydration and soothe the skin, leaving your skin plump and soft. 


-Cloud Ceramide Balm - Travel Size (15ml)
-Calm Cleansing Milk - Travel Size (60ml)
-Sea Toning Mist - Travel Size (60ml)