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Article: Your Winter-Approved Skincare Guide To Skin-Quenching Hydration

Your Winter-Approved Skincare Guide To Skin-Quenching Hydration
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Your Winter-Approved Skincare Guide To Skin-Quenching Hydration

Your skin is an ever-changing organ thanks to aging, nutrition, hormones and environmental changes like the seasons. Each season brings on different concerns that you may notice since it affects how your skin feels and looks. Luckily, there are ways to plan ahead so that your skin remains glowing and healthy during every season. How, you ask? By adjusting your skincare routine to cater to the season and concerns that come with the changes you’re able to keep it in optimal condition year-round.

One of the seasons discussed most in terms of how it can affect our skin is the winter. In the winter season, our skin can face a number of challenges including extreme dehydration, drying, chapping and flaking of the skin. All of these not only affect the overall look of our skin but also isn’t the most comfortable as dryness and dehydration can bring on itchiness and discomfort while chapping can just be painful at times. 

The good news is, with the proper winter-approved treatments and skincare routines you can ensure you beat the winter blues for your skin and fight those harsh changes. Starting early with your winter routine is always best so you’ll always want to get a bit of a head start too. Wondering what you need to start that routine? Keep scrolling for more!

 Calm Cleanser by Fitglow Beauty, a cleanser that's gentle on the skin.

First things first, let’s talk about step one - cleansing. The Calm Cleanser formula functions like a Gatorade for your skin, it replenishes critical electrolytes, minerals, and skin-rebuilding proteins. When it comes to the repair and rebuilding of skin proteins, Yerba Sante Plant Glycoproteins help with neutralizing carbon and pollutants at the surface of the skin and also stimulate new proteins and tissues which help to redensify and strengthen the skin barrier. That is what makes this cleanser a great option for compromised skin and post-invasive facial treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and laser treatments. But make sure you don’t use this following a treatment until your service provider gives you the go-ahead for cleansing after a service. 

This lightweight, plant-based milky cleanser is specially formulated for skin that is sensitive and requires an extra calming effect, nourishment and intense hydration. In addition to catering to these winter needs, this cleanser houses a combination of bamboo electrolytes, glycoproteins, and cucumber which works to protect your skin while delivering beneficial minerals, peptides, and water loss protection. Made for all skin types this cleanser is lightweight, refreshing, vegan and free of essential oils.

Pro Tip: Gently massage this cleanser into damp or dry skin and can also be used as a makeup remover. Looking for a good double-cleansing routine? Pairing with the Makeup Cleansing Oil makes for a dynamic duo.

Sea Ceramide Toning Mist, perfect for your skincare routine

Next, let’s talk about the perfect toner for the winter season. We’re all about the Sea Ceramide Toning Mist since it helps to restore, renew and hydrate your skin which is all essential during the winter season. It also masterfully increases penetration into the skin for your serums and moisturizers coming after it. 

Why is this toner superior and loved by many? It’s loaded with a ceramide and lipid complex. This complex consists of time-releasing molecules of Ceramide AP, Ceramide AS, Ceramide NS, Ceramide EOP, Ceramide NP and Pomegranate Sterols. What does all of this do together? These ingredients create a complex that helps sustain moisture and hydration for a longer amount of time within the skin with time-releasing technology while rebuilding the delicate moisture barrier. 

Green Carrot Stem Cells and hyaluronic acid also make this plant-active toner the ultimate hydration masterpiece for your skin. This toner rejuvenates and deeply penetrates the skin to enhance your skin’s ability to create moisture and hydration. It also focuses on feeding depleted areas in the skin by replenishing the moisture barrier. By also housing skin-soothing and redness-reducing properties your skin will feel calm and healthy through the harsh winter months.

Pro Tip: Use this misting toner right after cleansing and before applying your serums, oils and moisturizer to ensure deep penetration into the skin.

Cloud Collagen Oil

Looking for something that’s more than just your average facial oil? The Cloud Collagen Oil is a transformative vegan collagen oil that helps improve and protect the natural barrier of the skin. This skin-quenching oil synergistically works with your complexion to kick-start collagen synthesis for visibly smooth, radiant and balanced results. 

Pro Tip: Lock in moisture by applying the Cloud Ceramide Balm after. If you’re looking for a new primer for makeup, this oil is lightweight and can be used for that too!

Fitglow Beauty's Cloud Ceramide Balm

Speaking of the Cloud Ceramide Balm, this ultra-rich moisturizer is a complete rehabilitation for the most compromised skin barriers. Thanks to it being loaded with biocompatible ceramides and calming liposomes, the Cloud Ceramide Balm will give ultimate moisture where your skin needs it most. With ingredients like Ceramides, Cloudberry, and Chia it creates a perfect lipid ratio to maximize moisture. By adding Calming Liposome environmentally-aggravated, sensitive, and redness-prone skin is soothed and relaxed.

Pro Tip: This is perfect for any skin type and especially for those looking for some extra TLC.

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