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Why You Need To Start Using Eye Cream In Your 20s

Why You Need To Start Using Eye Cream In Your 20s

If you’re starting to wonder at what age you should start using eye cream, chances are you aren't thinking ahead and don’t know how quickly the delicate skin around the eyes ages. Life moves fast, a busy schedule and lifestyle with no preventative measures can speed up the clock. Being in your twenties is all about growing and learning through life’s everyday adventures, but it’s important to make time for your preventative skincare habits. 

The early signs of aging begin to appear in the eyes and you need to get a head start. It’s easier to prevent aging as opposed to correcting it. Licensed Esthetician, Crystal gives us some insight on contributing factors to look out for. “From pollution to extremely dry environments, your eyes are always exposed to stressors. Even lifestyle can affect your eyes; fatigue, stress and dehydration. That is why incorporating an eye treatment into your routine in your early twenties before signs of aging start is key.” 

Collagen, the protein found in the skin's connective tissue, begins to decline with age. The body naturally stops producing collagen in your twenties and continues to decrease about 1% each year, according to the National Library of Medicine. The thin tissue around your eyes is the first to go. It’s never too early to implement an eye cream in your everyday routine.

Plant Based Clean Naturally Derived Beauty

SIGNS YOUR EYES NEED  TENDER CARE: Dark circles, dryness, puffiness and fine lines are all major skin troubles that begin to appear.  

WHAT YOU NEED: A powerful and effortless eye cream that helps target signs of premature aging and texture.  


Eye C Firm is your one-stop-shop. This plant-based, gentle eye cream is loaded with a synergistic blend of Antioxidants, Peptides and Phyto Extracts. Loaded with naturally derived skin superfoods, this eye cream will help target fine lines and wrinkles with a high-performing formula that will help strengthen the oh-so delicate skin around your eyes for years to come. The benefits don’t stop there – made with Caffeine and Vitamin K, this eye cream will further target signs of dullness and moisture loss for hydrating and bright results.


Probiotics + Peptides

Peptides help boost collagen production and lock in hydration to the skin. Help firm, smooth and combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

5% Vitamin C Liposome

This corrective ingredient helps lighten the look of hyperpigmentation, dark circles and helps dull-looking eyes bounce back to youthful cellular function.

Caffeine + Vitamin K

The instant pick-me-up your eyes need for visibility brighter results. Improves the look of puffiness and dark circles with micro-circulating ingredients. 


Ancient gem rich in Succinic Acid which gently tightens and firms the delicate skin around your eyes.

We know navigating through life in your twenties can be confusing, and picking the right eye cream can be overwhelming. Rest assured, you’ve met your match. Eye C Firm is your preventative anti-aging solution. For day and night, formulated with powerful plant-based ingredients. Suitable for all skin types, all lifestyles and smartly designed so you can look and feel your best today, tomorrow and the days to come. 

Extra self-care tip for your eye cream: You can store your Eye C Firm in your beauty fridge for an extra cooling effect to help further reduce morning puffiness.