The Ultimate Skincare Routine For The Fitness Junkie

A smart, fitness-friendly beauty routine will keep your skin hydrated and help you look as good as you feel day-in and day-out as you tackle your 100th cycle class or are on a quest to a more active lifestyle. While working out is great for your mental and physical health, it’s important not to alienate your skin in order to avoid breakouts and dryness. There’s a few things to keep in mind if you love getting your regular sweat sessions in but also want to keep your complexion clear and nourished. From cleansers to toners, and everything in between, here’s the Fitglow-approved breakdown of the skincare products you need for a pre and post-workout glow. 

For The Gym Junkie 

If you notice your skin suffering from your sweat sessions at the gym, take a look at your routine to ensure you’re treating your skin to the ingredients it needs to stay balanced throughout your workout. These four products are sure to become the newest addition to your gym bag this year. 

Vita Active Cleanser

It’s important to keep your skin moisturized at all times as you workout. Loaded with certified organic botanical extracts, the Vita Active Cleanser will balance skin without over-drying it and remove all makeup and impurities without stripping skin of essential oils. 

When to use: Gentle enough to use day and night, we recommend washing your face before and after your gym sesh. 

Age Serum Pads 

We’ve made it easy for your to get the clear, smooth and vibrant skin you deserve with age-defying and blemish-fighting plant extracts that will help exfoliate your skin post-cleansing and clean the build-up in your pores. 

When to use: Swipe pad over face after you’ve cleansed your face post-workout. 

Cloud Comfort Cream

Nourish and protect your stressed skin with the ultra-calming Cloud Comfort Cream. This gentle moisturizer is packed with essential lipids and high levels of vitamins that will rebuild the skin’s strength and replenish moisture. 

When to use: Apply directly onto cleansed skin after your workout. 

Redness Rescue Cream

Made with natural green mineral tint, the Redness Rescue Cream immediately reduces the look of redness leaving your skin looking calm, even and bright for the ultimate post-workout glow. 

When to use: Use over moisturizer after your workout. 

For The Outdoor Explorer 

Before you lace up your sneakers and head outdoors for a run, it’s important to protect your skin. With the help of these Fitglow skincare goodies, you’ll be able to care for your skin the right way as you work toward your fitness goals.


Vita Shield SPF 30 Lotion  

If you love working out outdoors, you know your skin needs to be protected from sun damage and premature aging. Our carefully-formulated sunscreen made with Zinc Oxide - Non Nano, Sunflower Seed Oil and Safflower Oleosomes, will prevent sunburn, dark spots and fine lines. 

When to use: Apply 15 minutes before your workout for ultimate protection. 

Calm Cleansing Milk 

Remove your makeup and impurities without irritating your skin with the Calm Cleansing Milk. It’s blend of organic cucumber and aloe juice will soothe your skin and leave you feeling refreshed. 

When to use: Cleanse your face before and after your outdoor workout. 

Cloud Ceramide Balm 

This plant superpower moisturizer strengthens skin’s natural bond while increasing collagen production and leaving skin rejuvenated, plump and smooth. Plus, the added Calming Liposome helps soothe environmentally-aggravated, sensitive and redness-prone skin. 

When to use: For an added boost of nutrient-rich moisture, scoop small amount and use after you’ve cleansed your skin post-workout. 

Night Lip Serum 

Not just for night, this clear lip serum helps protect lips from water loss while ensuring they stay hydrated, plump and firm. 

When to use: Soften, hydrate and transform your lips by applying the lip serum before and after your workout. 

Redness Rescue Cream 

Calm stressed red skin post-workout with our vegan, cruelty-free Redness Rescue Cream made with Wakame Bioferments that improve elasticity and firmness, and powerful plant blends that repair and protect skin from environmental stressors. 

When to use: Use over moisturizer after your workout. 

For The Yogi Aficionado 

As you embark on a journey of self-discovery and tranquility via your mat workout, empower your skin with these must-have essentials that will enhance and nourish your complexion. 

Sea Toning Mist 

The Sea Toning Mist will refresh your skin before and during your workout, and balance your skin post-cleansing after you’ve wrapped up your yoga session. Made with Organic Aloe Vera and Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, this toner will help boost your skin’s moisture, plump dehydrated cells and calm irritation all while keeping your pores clear. 

When to use: Before, during and after your workout. 

Makeup Cleansing Oil 

Breakdown and remove makeup, dirt and impurities before and after your workout for radiant skin. This waterless cleanser melts away makeup while nourishing the skin with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. (Alternative: Calm Cleansing Milk

When to use: Cleanse your face before and after your workout. 

Cloud Ceramide Balm

Made with Organic Rice Micro Ceramides, the Cloud Ceramide Balm absorbs deeply into the skin to replenish and restore the moisture barrier. This coveted moisturizer delivers an extra boost of nutrient-rich moisture where skin needs it most. The best part? It features a refillable jar for an eco-friendly result. 

When to use: Apply to cleansed skin after workout. 

Redness Rescue Cream 

The Redness Rescue Cream repairs, calms and strengthens stressed skin.

When to use: Use over moisturizer after your workout.