Your Best End Of Summer Skin Detox Routine

Summer is a favourite season for many of us and oftentimes we can forget what the season does to our skin. Though it may feel as if your skin is filled with moisture, it could very likely be dried out. On top of this, considering we’re constantly outdoors during the summer season, our skin is not only exposed to more free radicals that normal, but the UV rays do a number on us.

That brings us to the end of summer, which is upsetting for everyone, but what this means is we can detox our skin the way it needs to and start getting it ready for when the weather starts to get a bit colder.

What is it about summer that really affects our skin and how do we ensure it’s properly detoxed when the season’s over? Well we’re about to tell you all about your skin and UV rays, along with dry skin, redness and increased acne breakouts.

UV Rays & Sun Exposure

Let’s start with the obvious, it feels good but we all know it’s not the best for our skin. If you don’t know why UV rays hurt our skin, it’s okay, we’re here to explain it to you. So what exactly are UV rays? It comes from the sun, tanning beds and even welding torches (crazy right?) and is actually a type of electromagnetic radiation which is a certain type of energy. This is something that our skin can only handle so much of or else we develop some much unwanted results. 

Exposure to UV rays can lead to early signs of aging including wrinkles, lines, dark spots and redness. So, how can you detox your skin throughout the summer, especially at the end of the season? Well, we recommend using the Redness Rescue Cream to calm your skin’s redness down. This cream uses natural green mineral tint to immediately reduce redness along with wakame seaweed extract to focus on improving elasticity and firmness. 

Another essential is the Detox Gel Cleanser which will work to remove pore-clogging oils, so that sunscreen you’re using will swiftly be cleansed from your face. Using wildcrafted willow bark and witch hazel is also boosts cell turnover which will remove dead skin cells so your face can properly absorb creams. 

On top of those incredible ingredients, there’s one in there that does wonders for your skin, activated bamboo charcoal. Why is it great for your skin? Well, it binds together to actually help pull dirt right out of your pores, which is why every time you use the Detox Cleanser, you feel fresh. It does much more than this though, it balances oily skin by removing excess oil directly out. It can also help treat acne as it acts as a light exfoliator, that way it doesn’t irritate your skin further, but is still pulling the bad bacteria from your skin. We could go on and on about activated bamboo charcoal, but we recommend you give it a try and see for yourself.

Dry skin

Your skin might feel like it’s always hydrated in the summer, but there are some serious culprits that we don’t think about that dry it out. Some of these factors that dry your skin out in the summer are our beloved air conditioners, sun burns (and even a tan) and even chlorine filled pools. 

So what can you use to focus on making that dry skin more moisturized? Start off with the Age Clear Lotion, this will quickly absorb giving your skin a clearing and anti-aging benefit that penetrates deeply into your skin. This lotion works to improve your skin’s turnover, clears pore buildup and smooths out the texture of your skin using organic tonka bean, wildcrafted willowbark, gotu kola and more. 

Let’s dive into one of these ingredients, gotu kola. If you’ve never heard of it, this natural, evidence-based ingredient is scientifically called centella asiatica and is also used in cooking. Since it’s rich in antioxidants it’s the perfect ingredient for anti-aging benefits as it works to smooth out those lines and wrinkles. It also aids in the fading of acne scars and works to help ensure that future breakouts don’t occur. It has countless other benefits including calming inflammation, soothing dry or itchy skin and stimulating the production of collagen. 

Acne breakouts

You may or may not have noticed, but oftentimes we experience more acne breakouts than normal during the summer months. Why? With the heat, comes more sweat and more clogged pores for acne to form. On top of this, just like with our dry skin, air conditioners can also contribute to acne in the summertime. They will suck all the moisture from the air and even your face, which leads to your skin overproducing oils to compensate.

We recommend using the Age Clear Serum Pads to really take care of these pesky summer breakouts. Loaded with plant extracts with blemish fighting abilities it makes it easy to keep your skin clear, vibrant and ready for the next season. Using natural enzymes that focus on skin renewal, removes impurities and cleans out the build-up in pores.

Now, time to take a look at one of the key ingredients you’ll find in the Age Clear Serum Pads, glycolic acid made from organic sugar beets. So what is that exactly? Well, it’s your dream ingredient for acne prone skin. This is because it is able to dig deep into your skin, clearing out dead skin cells and any buildup that causes acne. On top of this, it also stimulates collagen production and helps other products absorb easier so it’s perfect to use in your skincare routine. 

Ready to start detoxing your skin? To get you started, you can check out the entire Age Clear Kit to give the whole routine a try!