Skincare & Makeup: Products You Need This Summer

In celebration of summer arriving last week, we’re sharing with you all of our must haves based on what we love and what will make your skin healthy and happy. Why do you need to change up your skincare routine and products in the summer? Simply put, your skin likes being treated a certain way, and the weather changes can affect it. So, you need to help your skin adapt and use different types of treatments to keep your skin at bay. 

No matter where you are, believe it or not, summer can be harsh on your skin in more ways than accidentally getting a sunburn. Good news is, our vegan and cruelty-free products can help you get your skin through the summer with no damage done. 

We promise, you’ll never look back. 

Cleanse that skin: Detox Cleanser

Detox Cleanser

If you haven’t tried our Detox Cleanser just yet, your skin will be happy you brought it into your life. With not only the change in climate during the season change, summer also brings on a whole new set of toxins. On top of this, let’s not kid ourselves, we sweat a lot more in the summer and we’re constantly applying sunscreen. 

In comes the Detox Cleanser. Using key ingredients that work together to reduce pore sizes, refine your skin’s texture and detoxify your skin to give a smooth, blemish free look, the Detox Cleanser is the secret skin-saver this summer. 

Key ingredients:

Activated Bamboo Charcoal will help with detoxifying your skin from pollution in the air, any makeup (or sunscreen) and bacteria on your face. 

Aloe Vera Juice works on soothing, healing and hydrating your skin which is exactly what you need in the summer out in the hot sun. 

Wildcrafted Willow Bark helps to keep your pores clean and reduces build up of dead skin cells. 

Witch Hazel isn’t as scary as it sounds, it actually helps reduce acne (which usually is increased during the summer months) and soothes irritation (perfect for annoying sun burns).

Psst. This guy is also included in the Age Clear Kit (also a must have) if you want to try out some other products too!


Your new BFF: Sea Toning Mist 

Sea Toning Mist

Now this is something Fitglow-ers are obsessed with, and for good reason. Sea Toning Mist is fantastic year round, but especially during the summer season since it’s refreshing and the scent is light. When you’re feeling a bit overheated and looking for relief, this product is a go-to because it also holds a number of key ingredients that work some serious magic. 

Key ingredients:

Vegan Hyaluronic Acid is probably not something you hear everyday if you’re new to the vegan skincare world. What it does is help improve your skin’s suppleness, elasticity and tone by increasing the skin’s moisture levels. 

Kelp is a fantastic natural ingredient that detoxifies and soothes skin at the same time.

Aloe Vera Juice is also in our Detox Cleanser and helps to soothe, heal and hydrate irritated skin.

Wildcrafted Willow Bark will help keep your pores clean which helps with acne and removing dead skin cells. This you can also find in our Detox Cleanser!

Wildcrafted Rose assist in reducing skin redness by soothing irritated skin. This an ingredient great to have in the mist, so spray, spray and spray again after a full day in the sun!


Don’t sleep without it: Night Lip Serum

Night Lip Serum

Never go to sleep without it, seriously. In the summer, a lot of people forget that skincare also includes taking care of your lips too. For this reason, your lips can age faster and crack. This Night Lip Serum battles all of this for you while you enjoy your summer to the fullest. How? With all of these natural ingredients.

Key Ingredients:

Organic Pomegranate Sterols assists in improving hydration in the lips which helps with enhancing lip fullness. 

Vegetable Collagen helps maintain the structure, firmness and plumpness of your lips. 

Organic Beet Extract is magical. What people don’t know is that it naturally improves circulation which then prompts detoxification and plumpness.

Plant Ceramides tops it all off by strengthening skin and preventing moisture loss. 


Get your natural bronze: Sunny Days Cheek Palette

Sunny Days Cheek Palette

We may or may not be a little bit obsessed with the Sunny Days Palette right now. We’re not the only ones, fellow Fitglow-ers love it too because it gives us all a natural bronze summer glow. Oh, and by the way, it’s not JUST a palette. We use ingredients that feed your skin nutrients while you’re wearing it. We call that a win-win situation, and the key ingredients will explain why.

Key ingredients:

Plant Collagen Boost will boost your skin collagen which will assist in improving elasticity. 

Cloudberry Seed Oil  and  Jojoba focuses on leaving skin hydrated, soft and smooth. 


A healthy highlight: Lumi Firm

Lumi Firm

Add the Lumi Firm to your brow bone, inner corners of your eyes or even your cheeks to get that lifted and illuminated look you’ve been longing for. With different shades to choose from, it’s tough to decide each day! The great thing about Lumi Firm is, just like the Sunny Days Palette, when you wear it you’re doing good for your skin. 

Key ingredients:

Peptides will focus on naturally lifting and firming your skin. So while you’re wearing it, you’re naturally lifting your own skin.

Jojoba, just like in the Sunny Days Palette, leaves skin hydrated while softening and smoothing.

Vegetable Collagen  (also seen in the Night Lip Serum) helps maintain the structure, firmness and plumpness of your lips. 


Renew your skin: Age Clear Kit

If you’re looking to test out a new skin care routine, the Age Clear Kit would be a perfect fit this summer. It includes the Detox CleanserAge Clear Serum Pads and Age Clear Lotion all in the super cute Vita Luxe Vegan Travel Bag. This skincare routine uses organic plant extracts that work to help renew skin texture, clear blemishes and improve clarity. The ingredients in these products also help to reduce scarring and promote healing which leaves skin balanced, and smooth.