Skincare 101 - The three types of cleansers

Using a cleanser is a very important step in your skincare routine as it is the first and possibly second step of the routine if you are doing a double cleanse. Cleansing your face helps to remove any dirt or sebum that is building up on the skin. It should be done morning and night as well as after workouts or excessive sweating. There are a few different types of cleansers to choose from. There are oil cleansers, gel cleansers, and milk cleansers. They all have different purposes.

OIL CLEANSERS are great for removing makeup even waterproof makeup. If you are wearing heavy makeup, this cleanser is a great option. An oil cleanser will remove what other cleansers cannot. They can be used around your eye area as they are great for even removing mascara. They can be used not just at night to remove makeup, but also in the morning to remove any sweat, sebum, and leftover products from your nighttime skincare routine that built up overnight. Oil cleansers have emulsifying ingredients. An oil cleanser is great for removing pore-clogging debris and pollutants. Anyone can use an oil cleanser even people with oily skin. Many people with oily, acne-prone skin think oil cleansers are not for them when they are actually a great choice. Oil works better than water to get rid of oils on the skin and it will not make your skin oilier. This cleanser should be the first step of your skincare routine and can be part of a double cleanse. It should be applied on dry skin.

For best results, massage 1-2 pumps onto dry skin for about 1 minute. Oil cleansers can be applied with your fingers in upward circular motions. It is very important to apply the oil cleanser on dry skin or else it will not emulsify. By applying to dry skin, the oil breaks down makeup and anything built up in the skin. If you apply it to wet skin, it will not work properly. Once the cleanser is massaged into dry skin, add a splash of water to emulsify the product and massage face again. It is important to rinse the cleanser off with warm water, not hot water. Using hot water strips the skin’s natural oils and dries out the skin. Oil cleansers can leave a bit of a residue so it is recommended to use a water-based cleanser after. Our oil cleanser is the Makeup Cleansing Oil and can be followed with any of our Fitglow water-based cleansers.

MILK CLEANSERS can be used on all skin types. They can be used morning and night. Milk cleansers are water-based so they are a great option to use after an oil cleanser. They are very light and gentle on the skin. A milk cleanser is a good option for someone with dry, easily irritated, sensitive skin. Milk cleansers typically have natural soothing ingredients like aloe vera. They help your skin to stay hydrated, moisturized and balanced. They have soothing and replenishing properties. Milk cleansers can also work to remove face makeup and even eye makeup. They also remove impurities and dirt on the skin. They do this without stripping the skin of moisture or skin’s natural oils and do not irritate sensitive complexions. A milk cleanser will leave your skin soft and supple. 

Cleansing milks do not require water to emulsify. A milk cleanser does not lather like a gel cleanser will. For best results apply a small amount and massage onto dry skin. Massage onto face gently in circular motions. By doing this, it will help increase circulation. Rinse with warm water as hot water can really irritate sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. To remove makeup apply 1-2 pumps to a cotton pad and gently sweep over closed eyes in an outward motion. Our milk cleanser is the Calm Cleansing Milk which is great for dry, sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.

A GEL CLEANSER is good for someone with oily, normal, or combination skin. Gel cleansers are water-based so they are great to use after an oil cleanser. They are also a good choice for people with acne-prone skin and people who have big pores. A gel cleanser will lift all the dirt from the skin without drying it out. Gel cleansers reduce the size of pores and detoxifies skin to give a smooth blemish-free complexion. They can remove makeup and pore-clogging oils.

Apply gel cleanser on wet skin and massage it into the skin for a minute. It is important to apply on wet skin as it activates the cleanser and massaging the cleanser into the skin allows the dirt and makeup to breakdown so it can be washed away. Wetting your skin first also allows the cleanser to get foamy for a nice lather. Our Detox Cleanser and Vita Active Cleanser are gel cleansers. To apply our cleansers, massage a small drop all over damp face avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water as hot water can dry out your face and irritate the skin. It is important to pat your face not rub it while drying. Rubbing your face can irritate the skin and can lead to wrinkles.

Cleansing your face with make it feel fresh and ready for the next step in your skincare routine. When cleansing your face, it should always be done using circular motions and started from the center outward. Cleansing your face should not be rushed. It should be done for 1-2 minutes so all the impurities, makeup, dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells are removed. You can follow your cleanser with a toner like the Sea Toning Mist to lock in moisture and balance pH levels.