June 15, 2018


What do we love about summer skin; golden hues and shades of tan, sprinkled freckles across your nose and cheeks, the warm heat of the sunshine on your skin and hair, and glowing complexions that mark the season of heat.

What do we not love about summer skin; producing excess oil through the day, blemishes due to the excess oil, feeling like your makeup is melting in the heat, buildup on your skin because of using more sunscreen and covering the blemishes, and sun spots and pigmentation that can come along with spending more time outside.

Shifting into summer doesn’t just mean changing your wardrobe - adjustments in your skincare are needed to beat the heat. The Age Clear line is packed full of skin clearing organic plant extracts to prevent the formation of blemishes, improve the clarity and texture of the skin, as well as balance oils to keep the skin clear and smooth. Adding a few elements of the Age Clear line to your current morning routine will renew your skin and keep you from feeling like a popsicle in the sun. 

The Detox Cleanser is deep cleaning and uses activated charcoal to pull impurities from the skin. This cleanser can be added to your routine a few times a week to give your skin a detox and ensure that excess oils, products, and sunscreen are removed from the skin.

The Age Clear Serum Pads are a gentle glycolic exfoliator that dissolve the bonds that hold onto dead skin cells. It also works to turn the skin over more quickly, working to fade dark spots and marks. Adding a Serum Pad once a day to your routine will keep the skin clean and feeling tight, smooth skins texture, and prevent any buildup on the skin.

The Age Clear Lotion has been nicknamed ‘Unicorn Cream 🦄’ for its beautiful pearly appearance and magical properties. Designed to balance oil without over-drying while treating the skin with anti-aging ingredients, this is where Unicorn Cream has its charm. This lightweight lotion is fast absorbing, and ideal as a daytime moisturizer, keeping oils in check through the day, and preventing the formation of bacteria from which breakouts can form. We love how it wears under makeup and hydrates the skin while avoiding the summer face melt.

The Age Clear Line is available in a travel kit, which is a perfect way to make an adjustment to your skincare. The kit includes a vegan leather makeup bag with 8 organizers built in along the sides to keep your bottles in place. The Serum Pads is full sized in the kit, making this set a great value. Age Clear was designed for oily, blemish-prone skin, while remaining gentle enough for sensitive skin, with anti-aging benefits included. Because of this, the Age Clear line is the perfect addition to your morning skincare regime, because the summer heat is here, and we want to make the most of it.