Recovery: Post Summer Skin Pigmentation

Summer is the season most of us love. The weather is hot and we spend as much time as possible outside. Sure, it’s fun to be in the sun but too much of it in the summer can have some serious effects on your skin. Those UVA/UVB rays can cause dark spots and uneven skin tone quicker than you know. So, even if the summer is a short one you’ll likely see effects.

How do you treat your skin after a full summer of the sun causing skin pigmentation? Well, it’s all about ingredients and routines that make a difference. 

Let’s start with how the skin works and why these UVA/UVB rays have such an effect on our skin. When we’re exposed to the sun, these rays trigger DNA damage which ends up influencing melanin production. This shows up on the skin as a darker pigmentation on your skin, whether it’s sun spots or a tan, it’s actively affecting your skin. Pigmentation can appear anywhere on your skin, especially if you’re exposing the majority of your body to the sun. Pigmentation from the sun will become more prevalent over time. 

Since it’s difficult to stay out of the sun completely in the summertime, it’s important to make sure we treat our skin to help it recover from those harsh months. When you’re focusing on the treatment after summertime, you want to focus the right ingredients to ensure a positive rebuilding process. Ingredients like vitamin c, licorice extract and more work hard to restore your skin’s natural functions and help with pigmentation. 

Our Vita Active skincare line was built to help you with your post-summer routine. Overall, this line focuses on awakening your skin’s youthful functions and brightening your complexion. It’s perfect for damaged (think summer recovery), premature aging pigmentation (again, think the summer months) and an overall loss of radiance. Focusing on ingredients that are natural and evidence-based, you can be rest assured that this line will help with your skin’s health post summer months.

What’s in the line that you could start with?

The Vita Active Cleanser is perfect for post-summer recovery. The gel cleanser holds a number of important vitamins along with calendula, nettle leaf and more, all focusing on gently removing impurities with the effect of stripping the skin of moisture that’s so essential. Not only this, but the ingredients all work together to fight free radical damage throughout the day and brightens your skin. 

When it comes to helping pigmentation caused by the sun, our Vita Active Serum is an essential. There are six major ways that this serum works to brighten your skin.

Next in your skincare routine trio is the Vita Rich Creme. This final step will focus heavily on brightening and smoothing lines, while also transforming the look and feel of your skin. This creme is rich in more than 150 phytonutrients, vitamins and a cherry brightening complex that words to awaken those youth functions in your skin to recover from the summer months. 

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