Makeup 101 - Vita-Active Foundation Tutorial

January 26, 2018 3 min read


My first introduction to Fitglow Beauty products was the Vita-Active Foundation. I attended a green beauty event in hopes that a natural solution would be the cure to my adult acne, as years of trying everything else had failed. I cruised the vendors and bought something from each one, hoping that one of these lines would be the solution my skin was needing. It was.

My goody bag was full of tinctures, oils, masks, and scrubs, and one bottle of foundation. I was careful in the following weeks to only incorporate one product at a time into my routine. I wanted to see the impact of each item on my red bumpy skin that was a constantly changing landscape on my cheeks, chin, and jaw. It took weeks to get through the trials until one product caught my attention and locked my eyes onto my mirror; Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation.

Within days of using the product, I noticed my skin seemed to be ‘calm.’ I still had bumps and acne, it just didn’t appear to be as red and agitated. It’s as though the dance battle on my skin went from a spicy salsa to a slow waltz. My face was settling down. This revelation warranted a thank you and an explanation since makeup is not where I expected to discover my cure. Anna, the founder, educated me that the Vita Active Foundation is a treatment foundation, designed to improve the health of the skin and reduce inflammation. I was hooked. Within weeks I began to see that I didn’t have horrible acne, I had normal acne with a lot of inflammation. This was the beginning of me learning to see skincare and makeup as one; we feed our skin with skincare at night, we can be nourishing our skin through the day as well. This was where the journey of calming my skin, clearing my acne, and healing the scars began for me. I would never have believed a few years ago that I would feel comfortable on camera with no makeup on, however with Anna's guidance taking me through skincare regimes as my skin changed, here I am today sharing my naked skin with you.


Our Vita Active Foundation has light to medium buildable coverage; we believe in nourishing the skin, not hiding it. It is best applied using the fingers, or with a brush. We’re going to take you through the steps of application with our Vegan Teddy Foundation Brush. The short dense bristles allow for a smooth application and flawless coverage.

Begin your foundation application by prepping the skin. You want to start with cleansed, moisturized skin. The foundation is aloe based to work with the skin, as our skin is mostly water. We don’t recommend you to prep with products containing silicone, heavy oils, or wax. It may affect the absorption and benefits of the foundation to your skin, and possibly cause the foundation to separate, as oil and water don’t mix. Here we’re using the Redness Rescue Cream to prep the skin. It works to calm, sooth and reduce inflammation as well as neutralize redness. Using one pump of the RRC, spread it over the entire face, around the eyes, and wrap around the jaw. Allow it to sink in a few moments, the RRC gives both immediate and long-lasting results.

We are now ready to apply the foundation. Using one pump of the Vita Active Foundation on the brush, begin working the product from the center of the face outwards. I always start with large swipes over my cheeks and nose as it’s where I see the most red. With short gentle sweeps, work the product towards the outer edges of your face. Working over the nose, cheeks, up through the forehead, down around the jaw and over the chin. Continue to blend until the product seems to disappear. Once the foundation is seamlessly worked over the skin, take the brush and do a gentle sweep over the eyelids and under the eyes. Finally, you’ll run the brush over the jaw and along the hairline for any last blending and detailing. This first application will give you a light to medium coverage and base of glowing skin.

If you need more coverage in any area, add a 1/4 pump of product to the Teddy Brush, and continue with the short soft sweeps over the desired area. I always add a touch more product over my cheeks and nose to really even my complexion. 

The Vita Active Foundation will give a glowing luminous finish to the skin. If you prefer a matte finish, dust the Vita Set Powder over your skin lightly. The Vita Set Powder will lengthen the wear, add potent protection from environmental and free radical damage, and give a flawless finish to your base.

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