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Meet Our Derm-Tested, Plant-Based Oil Meet Serum Hybrids

Meet Our Derm-Tested, Plant-Based Oil Meet Serum Hybrids

When it comes to skincare there is usually a definite difference between serums and facial oils. Serums are water-soluble treatment products that target very specific concerns and penetrate deeply into the skin. Oils can target different skin concerns as well but their main purpose is nourishment and moisture. Both serums and oils are equally necessary for the skin in different ways. Now imagine a hybrid of the two. A super-powered serum meets oil formula supercharged with plant active ingredients that can help with a multitude of skin concerns. Does this sound like your ultimate dream product? We’ve got you covered with two all-natural serums formulated with all the skin-nourishing benefits you’re seeking and made with only the most gentle and effective ingredients. 

Our carefully formulated oil meet serum hybrids can penetrate the epidermis similar to a water-based serum but without containing water-based molecules. They are created to be molecularly small particles that can travel further into the skin than your average skin oil, giving them the ability to help with a wide range of skin concerns. Our powerhouse face oils include the Cloud Collagen Oil and Vita Youth Oil. These two powerhouse products can be standalone staples in your routine or can both be used in a routine to target different concerns. 

Cloud Collagen Oil 

The Cloud Collagen Oil is a treatment-based oil suitable for all skin types. Due to its highly calming benefits, it is especially ideal for sensitive or depleted skin barriers. It's also loaded with incredible age-defying effects that help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Made with Lupine Pro Collagen, this ultra-nourishing face oil mimics your skin's natural collagen production plus helps stimulate new collagen synthesis, making this the perfect match for those looking for preventative products or seeking products that help target signs of visible aging. This treatment oil also calms your complexion and reduces the appearance of redness while replenishing your skin's lipid barrier. Black Currant, Cloudberry Seed Oil and Squalane help feed your skin the nutrients it needs for skin-quenching hydration and balancing results, bringing your skin back to complete harmony. 

Vita Youth Oil 

The Vita Youth Oil is a one-of-a-kind, retinol-based serum-like oil that targets deep regeneration and rejuvenation bringing the skin back to youthful function. With its powerful plant-based Triple Bio Retinol complex, Hydroxy Pinacolone Retinoate, Bakuchiol and Rosehip Seed Oil, your skin can benefit from the positive impact of a retinol formula without any of the negative effects from traditional retinol, such as sensitizing, irritation or dryness. The Bio-Retinol complex works in synergy with your skin and does not need to be converted by the skin like a traditional retinol-based product, making it the perfect solution for delicate skin types that cannot usually benefit from Retinol-rich formulas. Squalane, Orchid and Plum Extracts feed your skin vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep your complexion vibrant and smooth. The Vita Youth Oil is a nighttime treatment and every skin type can benefit from this, especially sensitive and oily. 

Which oil is best for you? 

The great thing is that you do not have to choose between the two. The Cloud Collagen Oil can be used day and night, where the Vita Youth Oil is recommended to be used at night, so alternating is always a great option if desired. If your skin is feeling depleted, irritated, sensitized or needing more nourishment and hydration, the Cloud Collagen Oil is the perfect option. For brightening, minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, balancing oil and reducing signs of aging, the Vita Youth Oil will target all of those main concerns while you slumber. For healthy happy skin, use these oils before applying your cream-based moisturizers.