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Makeup Meets Skincare: How Makeup Can Help Your Skin

Makeup Meets Skincare: How Makeup Can Help Your Skin

Each day, each season and each year our skin evolves and transforms in different ways. With those changes, our skincare routine can change. Unfortunately, there are some products that we put on our faces that aren’t the best for us as these changes happen.

One of those things we put on our face that’s always questioned is makeup. You always read that makeup can clog pores, make your skin dry or more oily and if left on overnight can sometimes cause signs of aging prematurely.

But guess what? We have good news. There is makeup out there that acts actually helps your skin. Makeup does go on our face after all and we want to make sure we’re always glowing whether we’re wearing makeup or not. This is why at Fitglow Beauty, we make sure that every product we create nourishes your skin in a positive way, making you feel radiant and healthy.

So, what is it that causes our makeup to help your skin out? It’s some of our key ingredients that do the trick.


Vitamin C

It’s one of the most well-known vitamins and we all know it’s good for us, but why is it amazing for skin is the question you might be asking. Well, what it does is shield your skin from free radicals that can damage your skin, it also works hard to boost the production of collagen while reducing brown spots along with sun damage. Talk about a miracle ingredient or what?

As seen in: Vita-Active Foundation


Organic Horsetail Plant


Let’s clear the air first, it’s not the horsetail you might be thinking of. This organic horsetail plant is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Naturally, this key ingredient is rich in silica. This means that it will strengthen your beautiful lashes and promote general health in them. Essentially makes them grow healthier and stronger, which is what we’re all looking for in the perfect lash.

As seen in: Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara


Plant Collagen Boost

Ahh the plant collagen boost, a magic ingredient (and vegan of course) in a number of our products here at Fitglow Beauty. What it does is stimulate your skin’s collagen upon application which helps your skin improve its elasticity and lift what you want to be lifted. This means, that as you use our makeup products the plant collagen inside of it will help your skin look more youthful, tight and vibrant.

As seen in: Sunny Days Palette, Day Palette and Night Palette


Lupine Plant Protein


This is a key ingredient that help your lashes rejuvenate and look as glamorous as you are. The essential amino acids found in lupine protein help revive those lashes and also condition them to give them an incredible look. This protein is also rich in glutamine, which helps quite a bit with preventing breakage in your lashes along with improving the thickness of them.

As seen in: Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara


Organic Rice Micro Ceramides

The nutrients you’ll find in organic rice micro ceramides is outstanding. They work on your skin in a number of different ways which is why it’s especially important for your lips. What this key ingredient does is replenish the skin barrier while strengthening your skin and preventing moisture loss. The outcome of this ingredient is that you have moisture that gets locked deeply into your skin which provides all day comfort, suppleness and an amazing natural glow.

As seen in: Night Lip Serum


Seaweed Bioferment


As we all grow older, our skin loses its luminescence and can start looking a little bit dull and dry, which isn’t exactly something that we want. Why does this happen? Well, it’s not just age, it’s also all the toxins that are around us on a daily basis. This is exactly where Seaweed Bioferment comes in. What is does is detoxify skin by increasing your skin’s oxygen consumption. On top of this it also improves your skin’s collagen and boosts antioxidant defence.

As seen in: Vita-Active Foundation


Vitamin K

Now here’s a vitamin you definitely want in your makeup roster. Vitamin K does wonders when it comes to things we want to diminish, like dark circles, redness and inflammation. It’s also been known to improve the elasticity in blood vessels which assists with both redness and dark circles, along with stretch marks. Overall, Vitamin K is get to helping your body heal through your skin’s ever-changing cycle.

As seen in: Conceal+


Aloe Vera Juice

Filled with antioxidants, aloe vera juice works wonders for your skin. It should come as no surprise since it’s a key ingredient many people think of when it comes to helping to ease sunburns. This is why it’s a fantastic ingredient since while it’s on your skin, it’ll help sooth, heal and hydrate while the makeup is on your face.

As seen in: Vita-Active Foundation


Organic Pomegranate sterols


This is the ingredient that we all need on our lips since the skin on our lips is so different from everywhere else on our body. So why do all of our lips LOVE organic pomegranate sterols? Well, it penetrates deep into our lips and is actually able to increase hydration along with improve the moisture barrier function and will help enhance lip fullness. This means the more you have it on your lips, the more it can naturally keep your lips plump and keep them that way!

As seen in: Lip Colour Serum


This innovate plant and peptide combination works to natural strengthen your skin’s structure while it’s on your face. This means it will naturally lift and firm skin while wearing the makeup products leaving your skin looking younger and younger the more you use it.

As seen in: Lumi FirmEye Bright