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Makeup Meets Skincare: How Makeup Can Help Your Skin

Makeup Meets Skincare: How Makeup Can Help Your Skin

From day-to-day to season-to-season our skin evolves in different ways and with those changes our skincare routine can be altered to ensure maximum skin health. When it comes to these seasonal changes there’s one thing for sure, we are still going to be wearing makeup – whether it’s just a bit each day, only from time to time or a full face each morning. 

As many of us know, certain makeup can clog pores, dry out the skin or make it more oily and if left overnight it can sometimes cause signs of premature aging and breakouts. We’re here to tell you that you CAN get makeup that actually BENEFITS your skin instead of doing all those things. Our makeup line contains skin-loving ingredients that do wonders for your skin while making you look flawless each and every day you want to wear some makeup. When you wear our makeup, you can trust that it’s aiding in protection, treatment and increasing the effectiveness of your skincare routine.

Wondering what exactly makes our makeup help your skin out so much? It’s all in the ingredients and we want to share which ones you’ll find in our makeup line.



Vitamin C

If it works, why change it?! This thought definitely applied to vitamin C. It’s one of the more well-known vitamins that aid in skincare because it protects skin from free radicals that damage your skin cells. It also focuses on boosting collagen production while reducing the appearance of sun damage. Talk about a magical ingredient! 

As seen in: Foundation+

Organic Horsetail Plant


It may have the horse in the name, but this powerful ingredient is vegan and cruelty-free! Organic horsetail plant is naturally rich in silica which means it will strengthen your gorgeous lashes and promote their overall health. If growing healthier, stronger lashes is one of your goals, this ingredient will help you develop that perfect lash.

As seen in: Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara, Plum Lash Primer, Plant Protein Brow Gel


Vegetable Collagen

This powerful ingredient is inside of many of our products here at Fitglow Beauty – and it’s for a good reason. This incredible ingredient works hard to stimulate your skin’s collagen once applied, helping your skin improve elasticity and lift it in areas you want to see it lifted. That means that as you use our makeup products that house vegetable collagen it will help your skin to look more youthful, tight and vibrant. Plus, who knew it worked for hair growth and strengthening while boosting the volume and density of lashes and brows?! We think it’s pretty awesome.

As seen in: Lip Colour Serum, Night Lip Serum, Good Lash+ Mascara


Lupine Plant Protein


A key ingredient that works hard to keep your lashes looking more flawless than ever. This rejuvenating plant protein holds essential amino acids that help to revive lashes and condition them to give them the look we all desire. Lupine plant protein also is rich in glutamine, which helps a lot when it comes to preventing breakage in your lashes and improving the thickness of them.

As seen in: Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara


Organic Rice Micro Ceramides

Brace yourself, because organic rice micro ceramides are about to knock your socks off. This powerhouse of an ingredient is especially important for your lips since it replenishes the skin barrier while strengthening your skin and preventing moisture loss. With the skin on your lips being so different from the rest, it’s important to give it that TLC it needs – and this ingredient is essential to that. With this ingredient in your makeup routine, you’ll know the outcome will be locking in moisture deeply into the skin providing all-day comfort, suppleness and a natural glowing lip.

As seen in: Night Lip Serum


Vitamin K

Now this is a vitamin you’ll definitely want in your makeup roster – vitamin k. Why? Because this vitamin does wonders when it comes to the key things everyone wants to diminish - such as dark circles, redness and inflammation. That alone would be impressive, but there’s more! It’s also been known to improve the elasticity in blood vessels which helps with redness and dark circles along with stretch marks. All in all, Vitamin K is a fabulous ingredient if you’re looking at targeting concerns, especially when it comes to the eye area.

As seen in: Conceal+


Bamboo Juice

Antioxidants and electrolytes are what fills this powerful ingredient so that it works to deeply hydrate and focus on your skin’s health. Functioning like a ‘Gatorade for the skin’ it’s packed with natural silica and hydrating electrolytes. This is why the ingredient helps to soothe, heal and retain hydration even while makeup is on your face.

As seen in: Foundation+


Organic Pomegranate sterols


Since our lips need that extra TLC, this is the perfect ingredient to make sure we’re keeping them healthy. Not going to lie, we’re pretty obsessed with this ingredient. Why? Because it actually penetrates deep into the lip’s barrier, and it’s able to increase hydration while also improving the moisture barrier function to enhance lip fullness. This means, the more you have it on your lips, the more it can naturally keep your lips plump, moisturized and youthful long-term.

As seen in: Lip Colour Serum, Night Lip Serum


This innovative plant and peptide combination works to naturally strengthen your skin’s structure while it’s on your face. What this means is it will naturally lift and firm the skin while wearing the makeup that is already making you look glowing! So, not only are you getting a fresh, stunning look that day but you’re feeding your skin what it needs to achieve a more youthful appearance.

As seen in: Conceal+, Correct+