Makeup 101 - How to Use the Sunny Days Cheek Palette

We’ve got the sun warming things up and we are so excited to warm up the skin with the new SUNNY DAYS CHEEK PALETTE. This gorgeous palette is here just in time for golden, sun-kissed cheeks and shoulders, salty beach waved hair and all the glowing skin this season has to bring!

The SUNNY DAYS CHEEK PALETTE comes with three shades for adding a pop of color, warming up the skin, and carving cheekbones. ROSÉ is an illuminating rose gold tone, beautiful on the cheeks or eyelids, and even as a highlighting shade as well. SUNSTONE is a glowing golden bronze, subtle enough for fair skin with enough bronzing power to bring warmth and a fresh sun-kissed flush to any skin tone. It’s also a stunning shade to sweep over the lids for an easy bronzed eye. SHAPELY is a deeper bronzing & contour tone, an amazing shade that can bring more depth and shape into the contours of the face in a buildable translucent wash so it’s easy to create dimension on the skin and pair it with the other tones.

Begin with your base makeup, or apply the SUNNY DAYS CHEEK PALETTE shades directly to hydrated skin. Nina is wearing the VITA ACTIVE FOUNDATION in VF2, CONCEAL + in shade C3, EYE BRIGHT concealer under the eyes, GOOD LASH + mascara and LIP COLOUR SERUM in ROSÉ. 

STEP 1 - Apply SUNSTONE with the angled side of the TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH to the cheeks in small sweeps from the hairline to the apples of the cheeks. By applying it from the hairline towards the cheeks, you’re building the first level of contour while warming up the skin. Without adding more product to the brush, use what is left and lightly sweep over the nose, upper corners of the forehead into the hairline, chin and around the jaw. This light application will bring a balanced warmth over the skin with your mid-tone bronze and begin to carve out the facial features. Feel free to brush over your collarbones and shoulders for an extra touch of tan.

STEP 2 - With the same angled edge of the brush, dip into the deeper bronze tone SHAPELY and be sure to tap off any excess product. Because we are working from lighter to darker shades, you can use the same brush for both of the bronze tones. Do a lighter, smaller sweep over the cheekbones concentrating mostly closer to the hairline and blend up into the SUNSTONE application. Quickly tap the corners of the hairline again, chin and jaw again creating another layer of contour to really blend together those warming tones and give definition to the face.

STEP 3 - Using the rounded end of the TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH, apply ROSÉ to the apples of the cheeks for a fresh blush to finish off the cheek. With the gentle illumination of the tones and layering the shades, you can carve your cheek, warm up the skin and achieve any level of sun-kissed glow you’re looking for. Top it off with the original LUMI FIRM highlighting balm for an illuminated and glowing complexion.

BONUS TIP: ROSÉ, SUNSTONE, and SHAPELY are also gorgeous shadow colors, a quick sweep over the eyelids after applying to your cheeks with the same brush gives a beautiful monochromatic makeup look in a quick and easy step. Nina is wearing ROSÉ on her lids, and SHAPELY in the outer corners for extra definition.