Makeup 101: Smokey-Eye For Hooded Eyelids

January 14, 2019

Makeup 101: Smokey-Eye For Hooded Eyelids


Achieving a makeup look does not have to be complicated; playing with makeup and colors should be fun, and it should feel good. We’ve made makeup colors easy with the DAY + NIGHT MAKEUP PALETTES that include 5 beautiful eyeshadow shades and a gorgeous blush. The colors are highly pigmented, blend seamlessly, and hold all day, so there’s just one cute palette you need to reach for to create a boundless amount of looks. The new TEDDY DOUBLE EYE BRUSH & TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH bring you simplicity in your tool kit, from contouring and highlighting, cheeks to smudged out liner, these two brushes will have you flipping through your makeup routine like a beauty ninja. The classic TEDDY FOUNDATION BRUSH buffs out your base products with serious speed and with a flawless blend. This brush will literally buy you back minutes in your morning, it’s a staple item any makeup wearer should own. 

With the highly pigmented NIGHT PALETTE and our new favorite super soft TEDDY DOUBLE BRUSHES, we’re going to show you how a common makeup challenge is made simple. With products that perform, a few simple tools, and a step-by-step approach we want you to feel the fun and joy of playing with colors! With our stunning model Adele, we’ll show you how to create a Smokey-Eye for Hooded Eyelids. The key to working with hooded lids is to apply your shades horizontally like a sunset, with your darkest shade all along the lash line, your medium tone above that and the lightest shade diffusing off the top. This pattern of color helps to create a more round shape to the eye, creating the illusion of a larger eye so the eyes can really sparkle and pop. 




Step 1: Prep your skin with your favorite daytime moisturizer. Adele spends lots of time on mountains in the elements, so she loved the hydration and cushiony softness of the CLOUD COMFORT CREAM to prep her dry chapped skin. We love to layer foundation over the CLOUD COMFORT CREAM all winter long for the cushiony feeling and skin calming and protection. Apply your base products, and any concealing, eye brightening, or brow grooming you do in your routine. For Adele, we used half a pump each of the VF3 & VF4 VITA ACTIVE FOUNDATION, a swipe of EYE BRIGHT under the eyes, a light dusting of VITA SET POWDER over the skin, and a dab of LIP COLOUR SERUM in the shade BUFF to get the lips hydrated and plump.

Step 2: Now begin the shadow work. With the larger end of the TEDDY DOUBLE EYE BRUSH, apply medium shade OAK, a luminous gold brown from the lash line and blended evenly up and past the eyelid crease. You want this shade to diffuse past the crease so that when the eyes are open, this shade gives definition and structure to the eyelid. The shadows are highly pigmented, so you don’t need to load too much color to the brush. The larger end of the brush is also fluffy and rounded, making a soft diffused application easy to achieve.

Step 3: With a little more OAK on the same brush, wrap the shadow under the lower lash line from the outer corner in. You’ll want this line to be a little thick, it’s a soft color and will be building the dimension and shape around the eye. Once the other shades build up over it you’ll see how this layer creates the diffusion of the smokey eye onto the skin.

Step 4: Using the small end of the TEDDY DOUBLE EYE BRUSH, load the brush with some of your medium dark shade, here we are using ROLO, a chocolate bronze brown shade. Apply ROLO to the top eyelid from the lash line up to the crease. This is your middle color, and it should fill the space on your lid to the crease and not further. Use the excess from the brush to wrap it along the out half of the lower lash line as well, deepening the bottom ‘smoked out’ effect as well.

You have now added some gorgeous soft shape and definition to the eyes. For more of an everyday option, stopping here and finishing the eyes with the GOOD LASH + is an easy daytime look that will make your eyes pop in just a few steps.




STEP 5: Moving onto the darkest shade, you’re creating a liner effect all along the lash line with an angled liner brush. Here we are using the shade CAROB, a deep coffee bronze to build the liner. This deep shade will hug close to the lashes all the way along the lash line on the upper lid.

STEP 6: With the same brush and deepest shade, wrap the liner along the bottom lash line as well, staying close to the lashes from the outer corner in, stopping short of where your last color ended. With the bottom shadow, it’s really up to you if you bring the darker colors all the way in, or stop half way or just to the outer third of the eye. Bringing the shades all the way into the inner corner will be a heavier look, and keeping this shadow work to the outer edge will be a lighter look. Feel free to play around and see what degree of smokey-eye you like for the lower lid.

STEP 7: This is Adele’s favorite step, she calls it ‘adding the sparkle.’ With a small brush, add a light eyeshadow shade to the inner corner of the eye, wrapping the corner top and bottom. We are using the shade FIZZ, a luminous cream to highlight and give the eyes a widening effect, finishing the smokey-eye with a little ‘sparkle.’

STEP 8: Load the TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH with your blush color, here we are using KIND, a warm natural blush. The larger angled end of the brush is amazing for bronzer, contour, and a soft seamless application of blush to the cheeks. The smaller end of the brush deposits a slightly more concentrated color, so it’s ideal for the apples of the cheeks, building a deeper contour shade where the jaw meets, or for your highlight along the top of the cheekbone. Adele is using the larger side of the TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH to apply a gentle flush of KIND to the keeps for natural definition.

FINISHED LOOK: Top off the smokey-eye with a few coats of the GOOD LASH + mascara and your shadow look is complete! We added LUMI FIRM highlighting balm to the tops of the cheekbones and over the apples of the cheeks for some added dazzle in Adele’s complexion. A fresh coat of BUFF LIP COLOUR SERUM pairs a healthy full nude lip with this stunning NIGHT MAKEUP PALETTE smokey-eye. Adele felt confident and natural in this makeup look. When you have a plan and know the purpose of where to put what shades, creating a look can be easy and fun! Getting creative with your look and experimenting with colors should bring you joy, so let the products and tools you use every day make your makeup routine feel good as you create it and while you wear it.