Makeup 101 - Eye Bright

March 08, 2018

Makeup 101 - Eye Bright

Eye Bright is a brightening concealer, designed to instantly illuminate the under eye area and anywhere else you’re looking to bring light to the skin. As a bonus, it also treats dark circles with Organic Coffee, Probiotic Peptides, and Plant Antioxidants. It is a super-concentrated matte formula, and a small amount will give a smooth and lifted pop of light to the skin. It works beautifully on all skin tones, as it can be used as a base before your foundation or concealer shade to prime and brighten the skin. It’s like a tiny pot of sunshine that lights up your complexion.

Begin by tapping a small amount of Eye Bright underneath the eye area in a half moon shape below your bottom lash line (this can be done before or after foundation). For an eye-opening effect, carry the Eye Bright to the inner corner of the eye to separate and open the eyes. For a cheekbone lift, carry the product up and past the outer corner of the eye and towards the temple. Anywhere else you want to bring light to the skin, in the bridge of the nose or cupids bow of the lips, apply a touch of the product.

With gentle taps or a soft brush, blend the product until it is smooth, and the edges are seamless with the rest of your skin. If the brightness works for you, you can stop at this step, or set with powder as well. Eye Bright does have a matte finish and dry texture, so it’s not necessary to finish with a powder, it can be patted on and you’re ready to go.

For a more subtle blend, use a few small dots of foundation along the edge of where Eye Bright was blended out. Gently tapping along the dots will diffuse the foundation over Eye Bright, giving you a natural finish and smooth brightness around the eyes, and any other area you like to see the lightness and lift.

And there you have it - a Tina Turner approved look  🙌🏻