The new CONCEAL + treatment concealer has made achieving a flawless finish that lasts all day easier than ever. With a few dots of the CONCEAL+ blended out under the eyes or over the skin, this creamy formula smoothes beautifully with the fingers, a sponge, or our favorite method with the Vegan Teddy Foundation Brush. The CONCEAL+ can be used on its own or over or under foundation. Apply it under the eyes, over blemish marks and hyperpigmentation as a spot treatment, or all over to achieve full coverage on the skin.

For a brightening and lifting effect under the eyes, chose a shade one level lighter than your skin tone. Nina is using the CONCEAL+ in C2 to lighten the under eye area and camouflage darkness. Using a few dots, form a triangle shape under each eye, and for extra lift, carry the dots out towards the temple along the tops of the cheekbones.

Using the Vegan Teddy Foundation Brush, gently blend out the dots with short smooth strokes. The brush has very dense soft bristles which allows you to work the product into the skin with every stroke, and less product is wasted. The large round surface of the brush makes seamless blending easier than ever, buying back minutes in your morning makeup routine.

The lighter shade will illuminate the under eye area and brighten the skin. This will give a lifting and opening effect to the eye area. For less impact, use less product. The new CONCEAL+ is very potent, and a little goes a long way. Be sure to start with less and build as you need to.

For camouflage concealing of blemish marks and skin imperfections, use the CONCEAL+ in a shade that matches the level of your skin tone. Apply in small dots over the skin as this creamy formula spreads beautifully. Nina is using the CONCEAL+ in shade C3 on blemish marks to match her skin tone.

With the Vegan Teddy Foundation Brush, smooth the dots over the skin. Starting with the lighter shade and now working with the darker one, you can use the same brush as the C2 won’t interfere with the application of C3. If you’re working with darker shades first, be sure to use a fresh brush when applying your lighter colors or the product residue in the brush can muddy the brightening effect of your lighter shades.

Using two shades creates dimension and lift in the skin. With the CONCEAL+ blended out over the whole face, it creates a smooth full coverage finish that resists creasing and lasts all day. On its own, it gives a soft satin finish and can be made matte and even longer-wearing with the VITA SET POWDER. Apply this concealer lightly for subtle spot treating or work with bolder swipes for more of an impact.