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Make The Switch To Cruelty Free Brushes

Make The Switch To Cruelty Free Brushes

With hundreds of thousands of products out in the market, we spend most of our time researching, testing and sampling formulas to see which one best works with our skin. While devoting your time to taking an in-depth dive into ingredients, formulas and finding the perfect product for you is important, it’s also important not to overlook those mighty tools that make all the magic happen. Whether you’re building and buffing your eyeshadow, applying and blending foundation, or trying to conceal those stubborn dark circles, your makeup brush is an important factor in the application of your makeup. Give yourself a more precise, photo-ready and blended look with the help of our signature vegan brushes made with the highest grade of cruelty-free Taklon — a synthetic material that allows for airbrushed application and feels amazing on your skin. (Wondering why we chose Taklon? It’s cruelty-free and vegan) 

Our Master Brush Set collection features signature high-end, vegan eye and face brushes that mix and mingle perfectly with your beloved makeup formulas.  These super-soft synthetic bristle brushes are densely packed to seamlessly blend and soften formulas without wasting product for a MUA-approved finish. 

The Taklon-based fibres that our vegan brushes are made of are also more beneficial for the skin, especially highly sensitive and reactive complexions. These fibres are nonporous, which does not allow bacteria to breed within the fibres. Porous brush fibres can make it hard to kill bacteria, even when washing brushes regularly, and porous fibres can also spread bacteria onto the skin with makeup application. This can cause the skin to become sensitized and even experience breakouts or irritation. Another benefit of these fibres is that they do not cause any micro scratching to the surface of the skin. 

Vegan Foundation Brush

The perfect way to apply your favourite foundation and build flawless coverage.  Just a few strokes over the face with this wide luxurious and soft vegan brush and you're ready to face the day with a naturally flawless complexion. 

Best used with:  Foundation+  or as the perfect magic tool to buff and blend. 

Buffed Glow Cream Palette

Vegan Double Cheek Brush 

The Teddy Double Cheek Brush makes beauty easy. The two in one brush is double sided for a flawless powder application and to sculpt out the perfect contour for a lasting picture-perfect makeup look. One side is a large angled shape, perfect for building up the cheekbones and contouring the skin, neck, and bronzing. The other side is a rounded blush brush, perfect for building up color to the cheeks or for setting specific areas of the face

Best used with: Stillness Palette, Sunny Days Palette or your favourite contour cream and powder products. 

Vegan Double Eye Brush

The Teddy Double Eye Brush makes beauty easy. The two in one brush is double sided for flawless eyeshadow blending and adding definition plus building depth to create the perfect eye look. The larger side is rounded and shaped to apply eyeshadows while the smaller end is just the right shape for the inner corner of the eye highlight.

Best used with: Glam Palette, Night Palette, Day Palette, Softness Palette

Vegan Conceal + Correct Brush 

The Conceal + Correct 2-in-1 vegan brush seamlessly blends concealer to erase the look of dark circles, blemishes, and skin imperfections. The uniquely shaped professional vegan bristles blend and soften product without removing pigment creating a flawless complexion.

Best used with: Conceal+ or Correct+