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Keeping your Products Safe with our Airless Bottles

Keeping your Products Safe with our Airless Bottles

Our packaging goes way beyond the cute look and is actually a big part of why Fitglow Beauty products perform and deliver the nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs. Here's how:

Air spoils your products and feeds bacterial growth

Choosing natural products is the best choice in your beauty routine but the challenge with natural products without preservatives is that they spoil very quickly especially when the products are exposed to air. Oxidation occurs when oxygen interacts with other substances and causes a change. That change can happen rapidly just think of a slice of apple and how it starts to turn brown sometimes within minutes of slicing and exposing it to air. This same reaction can occur when you open a jar of cream or bottle of serum and expose the product to air. Oxygen will interact with the product and start to turn the natural formula degrading the effectiveness and depleting the anti-oxidants and vitamins that you were hoping to get from this product. The loss of effectiveness is just one of the issues with air interacting with your products. The other slightly gross issue is when you touch to scoop it out of the jar or bottle Microbes (tiny bacteria or fungus) enter the product and have a feast in your cream especially when fresh air enters the jar a few times per day as you take time to care for your skin and apply products. Products that have oxidized or have a family of microbes living in them have not only lost the effectiveness but can cause irritation, breakouts plus fare up skin conditions. This is one of the most common reasons why we can have a negative reaction to a product that has amazing natural ingredients. It's not how the product was made, but rather the state that it is in when you are using it at home.

How do we deliver effective and safe products? We cut out the air by going Airless

Feeding skin with nutrients so it thrives is a huge Fitglow Beauty passion, and our products are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and skin loving ingredients. We want to make sure that you get the most benefit from our products and maintain the safety plus potency of the ingredients, so we cut out the air by packaging our products in Airless bottles. You get what you were hoping for and your skin can benefit from the vitamins and nutrients the first drop to the last.

airless makeup bottles


How does Airless work?

Air enters the tiny hole at the bottom to push the disk upwards and dispense the product (air doesn't enter the serum or cream as it just pushes on the outside of the disk)

Airless bottles don't have a dip tube like standard bottles and you do not take off a lid like in a jar which would expose your product to air. In our airless bottles, the cream or serum is completely sealed from the air in the inner chamber and gets pushes up by a disc which creates a vacuum pressure every time you press the pump top. No air interacts with the product so the vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients do not oxidize and no microbes to enter. This keeps the product effective, stable, and gives you the results that you wanted. The other benefit of our airless bottles is that all the product gets dispensed in the amount that you need without taking too much like you would in a jar or open bottle so you get more from the products without waste or spilling.

How to use Fitglow Airless Bottles?

When you first use your Fitglow Airless bottle you may need to “prime” the bottle to have the product flow. To prime the bottle, slowly pump the bottle 10-15 times pressing all the way to the bottom of the pump. This activates the vacuum pump and pushes the disk through the chamber and starts the product flow. You can repeat this anytime your product stops flowing as it will not damage the system or pump any air in.