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Inside Your Concealer: Treating Your Skin With These Ingredients

Inside Your Concealer: Treating Your Skin With These Ingredients

When you’re putting something directly on your face, you’re going to want to think about what’s inside of it. There’s certain ingredients that can do damage to your skin instead of feeding it nutrients like it should be. Considering concealer stays on our face all day long, you want to make sure it’s good for your skin so that it’s not counteracting any of your other efforts.

Parabens, silicone, formaldehyde and others can do more damage than you know to your skin. That’s why sticking with plant-based ingredients is best as they’re less likely to irritate you and can have positive, long-term effects. When you combine this with evidence-based formulas, you get a magic mix of ingredients that works in a positive way for your skin and give you a beautiful look.

Here’s some ingredients that are great to have in your concealer if you’re curious about what to look for. By the way, in Fitglow Beauty’s Conceal+, you can find all of these ingredients.


Vitamin K Liposome

skin aging diagram


When it comes to dark circles under your eyes or redness, many people think that this is caused by lack of sleep, sun exposure or general stress. However, this isn’t exactly the case.

Let’s look a bit more deeply into the dark circles under your eyes. We all get them, and let’s face it, we don’t love them. We tolerate them. So, how do they appear? When blood travels a bit too quickly through the capillaries’ (which are smaller blood vessels that branch from your arteries), it can lead to some of that blood leaking out which then pools around the eye. Yeah, not a pretty picture, but hang in there. This leads to your body oxidizing the excess blood, which consists of enzymes breaking down the red blood cells, and this includes hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is what changes to that blue or purple colour that you see under your eyes. As we age, that skin tends to thin out which is why it begins to appear more visible. 

So, finally, what does Vitamin K Liposome have to do with ANY of this? You guessed it, it helps with everything we just mentioned. It works to strengthen those capillaries which helps reduce the dark circles under you eyes with the colour and naturally over time.


Green Tea 

green tea ingredient


A favourite tea amongst many people, mainly because of its health benefits. It’s been linked to improved brain functions, weight loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other things. Not only it is good for the inside of your body, but your skin will thank you too.

If green tea (or sometimes seen as camellia sinesis) is found inside your concealer it has some serious benefits. To start, green tea leaves house anti-aging properties which means it will help in reducing those wrinkles and make your skin more firm. It also naturally soothes skin and helps with improving the look of skin that’s been damaged from the sun. Say goodbye to those sunspots! Though it won’t completely remove it, the regular use of concealers (like our Conceal+) with green tea in it can help reduce all those spots caused by the sun.


Plant Elastin

factors in aging skin


Our face is one of the places on our body that we try and avoid wrinkles at all cost. As we all know, this can be very, very difficult. Around our eyes, forehead and everywhere else, our skin is prone to developing these over time with age. That being said, there is a natural way to help slow things down and lessen the appearance of these unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

When you look at elastin, it’s a protein in the skin that helps your tissues have that youthful shape, and it can happen even after it’s been stretched out. By using plant elastin inside of our Conceal+, it helps to smooth, moisturize, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When it comes to concealer, this is an ingredient that is always great to have since it’s around our eye that normally have these unwanted changes.


Licorice Root

licorice root


Considering the amount of toxins our skin’s exposed to each and every day, no matter where we are, it’s easy for our skin to become red and inflamed. This can be frustrating if the products you’re using to sooth them actually have an opposite effect.

So what ingredient should you look for if this is is something you’re concerned about? Well, when your skin is irritated, dry, red or inflamed, it’s licorice as an ingredient that can help your skin out since it’s an anti-inflammatory agent. You’ll find that licorice appears in cleansers and toners, but adding it to a concealer allows the ingredient to work throughout the entire day on your skin. Wait, there’s more! Not only does it act as an anti-inflammatory agent, but it also soothes the skin and helps to create an even appearance.

The main reason we use licorice in our concealers is for what’s called, the glabridin compound since it’s highly effective at brightening your skin. It helps stop the activity of various enzymes during melanin production (which shows as dark spots on your skin), and also tyrosinase activity. Tyrosinase is the enzyme that signals our skin to make melanin, so it’s the first step of those brown spots! Thankfully, glabridin helps your skin reduce tyrosinase production to reduce pigment production.