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Inside Your Concealer: Treating Your Skin With These Ingredients

Inside Your Concealer: Treating Your Skin With These Ingredients

No matter what you’re putting on your face, you’re going to want to think about what’s inside of it. By the way, this doesn’t only go for your skincare routine, but your makeup as well. You’ll especially want to pay attention to your complexion products such as your concealer or foundation that stay on your face all day long, they also need to be feeding your skin benefits instead of negatives. Good news is, there are products out there that give you flawless all-day coverage while also treating and boosting your skin with nutritional benefits.

One of our most popular products is our concealer, because it’s really not the typical formula you’ll find on the market. The reason you won’t find a Conceal+ equivalent? It’s truly skincare meets mineral pigment, so you’re doing your skin a favour by wearing it. This full coverage concealer has similar benefits and ingredients to our fan-favourite Eye C Firm which helps treat signs of aging, moisture loss, puffiness and dark circles. 

Curious to know what’s inside the Conceal+ to make it such a dream product? Well, let's dive in!


Vitamin K Liposome

skin aging diagram


Dark circles under your eyes or redness can be caused by a multitude of factors including fatigue, sun exposure, lifestyle, illness or general stress. It’s tough to keep all these factors at bay, but luckily by using the right products that include an ingredient like vitamin k liposome, you know you’re fighting them off.

Let’s look a bit more into the dark circles though. We all get them and there’s no working around them, but how do they appear? It’s when blood travels a bit too quickly through capillaries (which are smaller blood vessels that brand from your arteries), it can lead to some of that blood leaking out, which can pool around the eye. Definitely doesn’t sound like a pretty picture, but it’s totally normal so hang in there. This essentially leads your body to oxidize the excess blood, which consists of enzymes breaking down those red blood cells, including hemoglobin - which is what you have to thank for the blue or purple colour under your eyes. As we age, that skin starts to thin out which is why it becomes increasingly visible.

So, finally we’re here - what does vitamin k liposome have to do with it all? You guessed it, it helps with everything we just talked about. From strengthening those capillaries to help reduce dark circles with both the colour and naturally over time.


Green Tea 

green tea ingredient



It may be one of your favourite teas because of its health benefits, it’s also been linked to improving brain function, metabolism and a lower risk of health issues. Not only is it good for the inside of your body, but your skin loves it too.

 If green tea (sometimes called camellia sinensis) is found inside your concealed it has some serious benefits. To start, green tea holds anti-aging properties that will help in reducing fine lines and work on firming your skin. It also naturally soothes the skin while helping to improve the look of any damage from sun exposure. With the regular use of concealers (like our Conceal+) that house green tea as a key ingredient, it can help reduce signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Talk about a powerhouse ingredient!


Plant Elastin

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Around our eyes, forehead and everywhere else we’re all prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles thanks to a lifetime of facial expressions and environmental exposure. This can all affect firmness, density and the skin’s ability to snap back into place as well – but don’t worry, there’s a natural way to help slow things down and lessen the appearance of aging skin.

You guessed it, it’s plant elastin. 

When you look at elastin, it’s a protein in the skin that helps tissue hold a youthful shape while also aiding in allowing the skin to stretch and remodel itself back into place. That’s why when you age, your skin not only gets fine lines and wrinkles, it begins to sag and lose its tone. Enter plant elastin to help save the day! Inside of our Conceal+, you’ll find the powerhouse ingredient plant elastin. The reason its in there is to help tighten, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it also gives a firming effect. Derived from fermentation, this clinically-proven ingredient helps strengthen the proteins in the skin which repair our skin’s ability to hold moisture and appear more toned.

When it comes to your concealer, this is a fantastic ingredient to have in it to prevent these unwanted changes around that delicate skin, which is exactly why it’s a key ingredient in our Conceal+.


Licorice Root

licorice root


The amount of pollutants and environmental stressors that affect our skin each day, no matter where we are, makes it easy for our skin to become red and inflamed. This can be frustrating to say the least, especially if your skin is already sensitive!

Wondering if there’s an ingredient to look out for when it comes to redness and inflammation? Licorice root is the answer to that question. When your skin is dry, inflamed or irritated, licorice works as an anti-inflammatory for your skin. You’ll see licorice root in cleansers and toners, but by adding it to a concealer it allows the ingredient to work on your skin all day long. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory agent by the way, it also soothes the skin and helps create a brighter and more even-toned appearance.

One of the main reasons licorice is a key ingredient in the Conceal+ is for the glabridin compound which is highly effective when it comes to brightening the skin. It helps stop activity of various enzymes during melanin production (which shows as dark spots on your skin) and also tyrosinase activity. Tyrosinase is the enzyme that signals the skin to make melanin, so it’s step on in those brown spots! Thankfully, glabridin helps skin reduce tyrosinase production to reduce pigmentation.