Good Lash+ 3-in-1 Mascara, Serum, and Conditioner

We see makeup as an opportunity to nourish and treat the skin and features. With daily use, our goal is to leave the skin, lips, and lashes better than we found them. Vegan Good Lash+ is a 3-in-1 mascara, serum, and conditioner. It enhances the look of the lashes for day to day and delivers potent vitamins and antioxidants to the natural lashes to prevent drying out and breakage, helping the lashes grow stronger, thicker, and longer.

  • Vegetable Collagen conditions and hydrates the lashes to promote growth and fullness.
  • Organic Horsetail Plant delivers silica to strengthen lashes and promote lash health.
  • Organic Rice Bran Wax creates a flexible and conditioning coating while nourishing the lashes to leave them full and soft.
  • Organic Lupine Protein conditions lashes and prevents breakage to improve lash thickness.
vegan mascara


Good Lash+ has a whipped texture, which makes the formula more dry than a traditional mascara. Because it has to go through fewer phases to set, it doesn’t dry out the natural lashes thus preventing breakage and thinning.

The whipped texture formula is applied the same way as a traditional mascara. Begin at the roots and gently press the brush into the lashes, softly wiggling through to the lash tips. It is not required to curl your lashes before you begin, that is a preference. 

The Mega Pine Cone Brush pushes lashes up to lift and open as you apply. The dense spiral bristles separate the lashes for definition and allows for building massive volume. The narrow tip of the brush is small enough to reach the tight corners of the eye, and work the product deep into the lash roots for a thick and full appearance. Apply one coat for a natural enhanced lash effect, two coats to build even more volume and length. For mega volume and fullness, apply more coats, moving from eye to eye for seamless building and smoothing of the mascara over the lashes. As the last step for extra curl, when the lashes are 90% dry, gently use the side of your fingertip to push the lashes up, setting the lashes into an open, curled shape.

vegan mascara


Good Lash+ is water resistant. We have put it to the test, and it will survive the day, a hike in the rain, a session on the paddle board, and even a spin class. To prevent any smudging around the eye or flaking of the mascara onto the skin, your eye area and lashes need to be free from oils and waxes before you begin application. If you use any oil based products in your routine, you want to be sure you stay clear of the eye area and lashes. Any oils or product residue in the eye area may prevent the formula from adhering to the lashes. You’ll want to make sure the eye area is clean, and clear of oils and waxes before you apply. This also refers to the makeup you use in your eye area. Prepping the skin with makeup, you’ll want to be sure the under eyes and eyelids are not greasy or wet. Setting the eye area with powder before you begin to apply the mascara will ensure that it doesn’t transfer, smudge or move.