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Color Correcting 101: A Deep Dive Into The Powerhouse Formula

Color Correcting 101: A Deep Dive Into The Powerhouse Formula

If you’re dealing with oh-so-stubborn dark circles, unwanted acne scars or hyperpigmentation that you can’t seem to cover up with foundation, we’ve got a solution. Our line of correctors, the Correct+, is in 5 versatile shades: Eyebright (yellow), Green, Peach, Deep Peach and Red. With these shades, there’s an option for every skin tone and it’s in the same consistency as our fan-favourite Conceal+. On top of the versatile shades, these correctors are enriched with powerhouse ingredients that are formulated to brighten, treat and plump your skin. So, you can think of it as skincare too, because it is! 

If you’re looking to hide those imperfections, here’s everything you need to know about our coveted correctors in our makeup lineup.

Correct+ Eye Bright 

Perfect for fair to medium skin tones.

It’s the same Eye Bright you all love, but we made it even better by adding more skin-loving ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin. Made with natural extracts of resveratrol, pomegranate and caffeine the Correct+ Eyebright gives a bright, smooth and lifted look. 

Who is this shade going to give that effect to? Anyone with fair to medium skin tones. This mighty brightening formula not only conceals dark circles, but also helps to brighten and fade them over time. With its instantly brightening effect it highlights your eyes for a flawless ‘I woke up like this’ look thanks to the rich and creamy formula filled with evidence-based ingredients. 

In addition to all this, Correct+ Eyebright can revive the appearance of dullness around the skin that has a grey or purple tone, helping to make it feel more even and bright.. 

How to use: We recommend applying the Correct+ Eyebright underneath your eyes for a brightening finish, or on other areas with blue, dark purple or grey tones. You can also use the Eyebright on your eyelids as a shadow primer!


Correct+ Peach 

Perfect for light to medium skin tones.

Ready to say goodbye to the unwanted, tricky spots on your face? Us too. The Correct+ Peach is carefully formulated with ferula foetida, white tea and safflower extracts which helps to enhance skin’s brightness, moisture and tightness. This corrector helps hide and treat acne scars, hyperpigmentation and sun spots for light to medium skin tones. By neutralizing blue-hued dark circles and hyperpigmentation all while firming the skin and treating it, this creamy formula has become a true customer staple. 

How to use: Apply the Correct+ Peach on those stubborn acne scars, sunspots or hyperpigmentation on your face. This corrector can be applied all over your face, including your under eyes to neutralize any unwanted pigmentation. For a brightening under eye look, we recommend applying the Correct+ Peach first and then following with the Correct+ Eye Bright.


Correct+ Deep Peach 

Perfect for medium tan to deep skin tones.


The Deep Peach shade is formulated with all the same skin-loving ingredients as the others but is simply a darker shade of peach (for medium tan to deep skin tones). This shade will correct acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark shadows that appear either brown or blue toned and sun spots. Creamy like the others, it continues to help increase skin’s firmness, neutralize any dark spots or circles under the eye and keep your skin looking more youthful than ever.

If you’re looking to brighten up your eyes, we recommend using this product followed by a lighter-toned Conceal+ shade that works best with your skin tone.

How to use: Apply by tapping or blending with your fingertip or brush the Correct+ Deep Peach on those stubborn acne scars, sun spots or hyperpigmentation and dark circles.


Correct+ Red

Perfect for deep skin tones.


Just like the others, the Correct+ Red is made with the same formula that feeds your skin powerful nutrients, but made for deep skin tones. This dark red tone will correct any black or brown dark circles, hyperpigmentation and dark shadows that run brown and shadow like, specifically on darker skin tones.

How to use: Apply by tapping the Correct+ Red on any stubborn acne scars, sun spots, hyperpigmentation or deep dark circles on your face. Ensure you’re tapping and pressing the pigment onto the area that needs correction and then tap and press your own shade of Foundation+ or Conceal+ on top of the corrector. Make sure you’re tapping, now swiping since that can disturb the red correction underneath it.


Correct+ Green

Perfect for broken capillaries, breakout-prone skin, redness with fair to medium skin tones.


Do you experience a lot of redness? Or just enough that it’s something that you’d like to have handled? The Correct+ Green is about to become your BFF as your go-to corrector. It’s ideal for anyone who suffers from redness-prone skin, breakouts, broken capillaries and has a fair to medium skin tone. 

With this corrector, you’re also getting the skin-nourishing benefits needed to soothe and help treat the irritated area using licorice root and green tea. 

How to use: Apply the Correct+ Green to areas with redness or pink tones. Keep the corrector only on those areas with redness by tapping and pressing down. Once the area has the desired coverage and redness reduction, apply your regular skin tone of the Foundation+ and Conceal+ by pressing or tapping so as not to disrupt the application of the corrector.



The Correct+ EyeBright, Green, Peach, Deep Peach, and Red can all be applied with the Vegan Conceal + Correct Brush or blended into the skin using your finger. Before applying though, make sure to prep your skin with the Eye C Firm and your favourite Fitglow Beauty moisturizer. Then, apply a few dots on the area you are trying to conceal and brighten. Tap the product onto the skin until you achieve the desired coverage and correction. The Correct+ can be used alone if it blends well into your skin tone or you can finish with the Conceal+ and Foundation +, but make sure to tap these in!