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All The Many Reasons Your Skin Will Thrive With Vitamin C

All The Many Reasons Your Skin Will Thrive With Vitamin C

There are a countless number of skincare ingredients that actively work to leave your skin looking younger and bright. But, there’s a super ingredient that does this and that’s Vitamin C and it holds everything your skin needs to thrive. This high-performing ingredient is found in so many beauty products thanks to its abundance of benefits that are too good to pass up. On top of that, it works across all skin types whether you have sensitive, oily, dry or any skin type in between. 

Vitamin C truly can help you put your best face forward by giving your complexion the boost it needs. If you’re still unsure if your skincare routine needs a little boost from this powerful vitamin, we have some reasons why you should maybe reconsider…


Vitamin C and it's benefits for your skin

This powerful vitamin helps to fight the good fight - premature aging and fine lines. This is why Vitamin C always helps skin look and feel more youthful and it does this by increasing collagen production. While everyone knows Vitamin C has its skin-brightening benefits, research has also shown that it can shield skin from the visible impacts for environmental stressors including free radical damage. It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation by fighting redness-prone imperfections and acne scars. 

But wait, there’s more skin-loving benefits to this superhero ingredient. It also can help reduce sun damage through the promotion of healthier skin and speeding in the repair process from damage caused by sun exposure. Want a pro-tip? No matter what season it is, always wear sunscreen for the ultimate protection. In addition, research has shown that Vitamin C helps to prevent future brown spots from forming and when paired with hyaluronic acid, it also helps boost the skin’s hydration and locks that moisture in.


Now that you know the benefits of this incredible ingredient and realize it’s hard to pass up, let’s talk about HOW you can use it in your daily routine. The good news is, it’s easy. Many Fitglow Beauty products house Vitamin C and our evidence-based formulas that include proven ingredients offer a solution in an effective and efficient way (and it’s all plant-based!). 

So, what Fitglow Beauty products have Vitamin C?

Eye C Firm

Eye C Firm filled with Vitamin C to treat and moisturize your eye area

Loaded with a synergistic blend of powerful plant actives, the Eye C Firm targets all the major concerns we all have around the eye area while minimizing signs of aging. Working to keep the eye area as firm and tones thanks to the 5% Vitamin C Liposome that treats fine lines and creates new collagen production. The eye treatment quickly absorbs and has a gentle blend of Vitamin K, Resveratrol and Caffeine to target dark circles and puffiness. These all work together along with pomegranate extract which gives antioxidant support and retains moisture.

Vitamin Detox Cleanser

Vitamin Detox Cleanser removes impurities in the most gentle way

This Vitamin C rich cleanser helps rid the skin of impurities while also removing pore-clogging build up. It also contains some other powerhouse ingredients like activated bamboo charcoal and a gentle multi-fruit enzyme blend that helps to keep skin clear all while nourishing it with an antioxidant-rich blend of peony, dragon fruit, plum and cloudberry seed oil.


Fitglow Beauty Foundation+ feeds your skin nutrients while making you look flawless

This isn’t your average foundation, it’s SKINCARE! The Foundation+ is a photo-filtering, organic herbal blend that delivers powerful plant actives to treat and replenish skin. It contains both vitamin C and amber extract which helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and the overall signs of aging. This buildable coverage foundation also holds a soothing blend of birch, artemisia, cloudberry and heartland extract to treat irritation, redness and a depleted skin barrier. So, if you’re looking for your foundation to really do the most, this one’s the one for you.