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4 Ways To Treat And Prevent Maskne

4 Ways To Treat And Prevent Maskne

Mask-wearing has become the new normal and our skin is struggling to adapt. The rise of “maskne” a.k.a. acne caused by mask-wearing, is real and it’s a new skincare concern we need to get ahead of. These skincare goodies are formulated to do the work for you so your skin can flourish and thrive. 

Detox Cleanser 

This mighty charcoal cleanser reduces pores size, refines skin texture and detoxifies skin to give you a smooth blemish-free complexion. Activated Bamboo Charcoal attracts and removes pore-clogging oils and makeup while Wildcrafted Willow Bark and Witch Hazel boost cell turnover removing dead skin cells exposing a brighter complexion and improving the absorption of creams and serums.

Age Clear Serum Pads 

Preloaded with age defying and blemish fighting plant extracts that make it easy to get clear, smooth and vibrant skin. The natural enzymes accelerate skin renewal, remove impurities and clean the build- up in pores.

Weekend Reset Kit 

A super-powered Peony Exfoliating Cleansing Crème and Peony Pink Clay Detox Mask skincare set designed to brighten, purify and detoxify skin. The Weekend Reset Kit features two high-performing, rich-in-antioxidants exfoliating cleanser and mask that will keep your skin healthy and radiant, help restore elasticity and give your skin that oh-so-needed brightening boost. 

Need A Cleansing Boost? 

Let's face it - sometimes our cleansing routines can become stale and washing your face with your hands is not a lot of fun. We wanted to change the game a bit and offer a new tool to enhance the cleansing ritual and improve skin. The Facial Cleansing Brush gives you a deeper cleanse and allows you to tackle those stubborn areas during the cleansing process.